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Pretzels Multi-Well Capsule (60 ct - 30 day supply)
Our Price: $2.00
Satisfy your pretzel craving with this high protein alternative.  Can be used in place of a protein bar. Sold individually. Each package provides 12g protein, 11g carb, 3g fat and 1g sugar. This is the perfect multivitamin during the preop phase, or for nonsurgical patients.
Suggested use: 2 capsules per day
Field Berry Smoothie (RTD) - package of 8 Protein Chips - BBQ
Protein Chips - BBQ
Our Price: $2.00
Chilled field berry smoothies are rich, sweet and the perfect choice any time of day. With 20 grams of protein these smoothies also provide 20% of your daily calcium and 60% of your vitamin C needs.  These are conveniently ready to drink.  Just chill and then open to enjoy.  Each ready to drink bottle provides 140 calories, 3.5 g fat, 6 g carbohydrate & 20 g protein!  Sold in a package of 8. Sometimes only the taste of a delicious savory snack can relieve diet cravings. Protein Chips cure the cravings with delicious high protein treats.  These are a great alternative to chips and other fried high carb snacks.  Sold individually for your convenience.  Each bag provides 130 calories, 10 g protein and 14 g carbohydrates.
Multi-Formula Ultra Capsule with Iron 270 ct (Bariatric Advantage) Fruit Drink Grape
Fruit Drink Grape
Our Price: $15.00
Powerful nutrition in 3 capsules. This multi formula capsule is designed to meet the latest guidelines. Contains a full 3000 IU vitamin D3, 400 mg Magnesium, 45 mg Iron, and 1000mcg B12. A light and refreshing grape flavored protein drink that easily mixes with 6-8 oz cold water.  Each packet provides 60 calories, <1 g carbohydrate and 15 g protein!  Each box contains 7 packets.